Travel Insurance

Depending upon nature & purpose of your travel one may require Individual Travel Insurance policy if he or she is travelling alone, Family Travel Insurance policy when travelling with family, Student Travel Insurance policy when going for study and Senior Citizen Travel Insurance policy. Every travel insurance policy has different features. Eventuality and Uncertainty are part and parcel of travelling. One may develop some medical condition while in travel, or subject to some accidental injury, loss of baggage or theft, delayed or cancelled Tour.

A full featured Travel Insurance covers all these incidents of illness, injuries, accidents, theft, loss. Full feature travel Insurance is the best option for you.

Travel insurance is the best way to offset the risk arising due to any eventuality and uncertainty while one is travelling. The cost of availing Healthcare facilities, especially when you are travelling in U.K, U.S Australia, and China are scaring and a brief hospitalization may be quite disruptive to your travel plan.

So travel to enjoy and relish it and let all your worries be managed by a Travel Insurance.

A right travel insurance plan is a key component of your travel. Bajaj Travels recommends following suggestive points :

(i) Advance Planning :Just after tickets booking, It is advisable to purchase your travel insurance. (ii) Available Option: Go through the insurance options available with different insurance companies. One can take travel insurance plan that fits his or her needs.

(iii) Study Reviews: One should choose insurance plan after due assessment and research . We advise you to update yourself with customer reviews online about a particular travel policy. There are plenty of websites, forums and community blogs.

(iv) Selecting Appropriate Cover: Before choosing an travel insurance policy, One has to essentially assess the level of cover one may need for overseas travel.

(v) Disclosure Pre-existing Conditions: Before you purchase a Travel Insurance policy, it is ethical and recommended to disclose your pre-existing medical conditions to the insurance company.

(vi) Insurance Terms & Conditions : Read Beyond the lines: Before you make your mind to buy a particular travel insurance policy, just go through the policy terms and conditions and try to read beyond the lines.

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